Location Koblenz

Koblenz isn't just a fantastic city; it's also perfectly situated on the Rhine and Moselle rivers. Framed by the Eifel, Hunsrück and Westerwald regions, it offers glorious routes that will make any HotRodder's heart beat faster. And the Nürburgring isn't far away... this must be paradise! This is why we decided to set up business in Koblenz and the surrounding region.

Bild vom Shop am Nürburgring

Location Nürburgring

Our station at the Nürburgring is located in the city of Adenau/Breidscheid at Fanshop "Grüne Hölle" across the „Nordschleife“ drive in . You simply can't get any closer to the Ring.


About us

Our HotRods have been brightening up the city of Koblenz and its surroundings since April 2014. Our "crackpot idea" is now a way of life for us. "We" are the managing director Ralf, and the guides and technicians, Peter, Jo, Marc, Sebastian, Sascha, Timur and Tobi.

Competent and invariably cheerful, they make sure things run smoothly and safely with a minimum of stress.

They are always on the ball when it comes to discovering new routes or hotspots to guarantee maximum fun. We put the fun side of driving FIRST, but by no means give information a back seat. You can see what this means in the numerous TV spots from our region, as we have tours to suit every taste!