Data Protection

When you visit our website, information about your visit (the date and time of your visit and the page you view) may be saved on our server. This does not entail any use of your personal information (such as your name, street address, or e-mail address). If we collect personal information, we do so insofar as possible only with the prior consent of the website user. We do not disclose such information to third parties without the user’s express consent. We wish to expressly point out that transmission of data over the Internet (for example by e-mail) may be subject to security vulnerabilities. It is not possible to provide data with end-to-end protection against access by third parties. We can assume no liability for any damage resulting from such security vulnerabilities. The use of any published contact information by third parties for advertising purposes is expressly prohibited. We reserve the right to take legal action against the sending of unsolicited advertising, such as e-mail spam.